Company History


1-In March 1996,Sunny entered elevator field and started business in Heze,Shandong for modification,maintenance and after-serivce.

2-In July 1999,Sunny started to produce elevator components.

3-In May 2000,Sunny started full elevator production.

4--In Aug 2008,Sunny obtained the ISO9001:2000 quality certificate for elevator products.

5-In May 2009,Sunny setted up wholly owned subsidiary company Suzhou Delta Elevator Co.,Ltd in

 Wujiang,Suzhou especially for international bussiness and export.  

6-In Oct 2012,Sunny gained EC certificate for door system products.

7-In June 2013,Suzhou Delta Elevator Company combined into Heze Sunny Elevator Company.

8-In July 2013,Heze Sunny Elevator Rename to SuzhouSunny Elevator Company.

9-In May 2015,Suzhou Sunny Eleavtor UK branch company established.

10-In June 2015,High End Sunny Premium Serials Elevator enter market

11-In Aug 2015,New Detal Eco Serials Elevator enter market.